Rainy Photowalk

Tonight I ran out for a quick photowalk in between the first and second half of Game 1 of the NBA Finals. It was lightly drizzling, but cold enough to see your breath. Walking past certain lilac bushes was such a great fresh smell.  I’ve been working on a little lilac photo project this spring and last year as well. Might take me a few years to complete, because the season is so very short, but I’m happy with the look of it.


Anyway JR Smith is a fool for losing that game! 

Gearing up for Japan

Another Japan trip in the books for summer 2018! Very excited any time I have a trip planned there. It will be in August, originally decided for a Fuji climb, but that’s fallen by the wayside as it’s my girlfriends first trip there and I want to give her a more touristy first time trip. She has many bucket list items for Japan, so I’m very excited to show her around and hopefully make it easy for her. Accommodations are almost all booked up, and then we fill out the days with activities!


I’ve been learning a bit of Japanese, and just discovered a website called which links up language learners with tutors. It seems pretty affordable and I’m quite excited to give it a go! 

Here’s an image from my last time in Japan, from Shinjuku!



New Gallery Added

I've added my favourites from my recent trip to Texas with my brothers. Shot on Kodak Ultramax 400 and with a Olympus Stylus Epic point and shoot.

Alberta Back Roads

Had to drive up to Edmonton for work. Spent some time meandering on the back roads on the return drive to Calgary. Working on a new winter series while the weather is still cold. 



Book Update

Hey all,

Gonna start blogging cause that's something people do. 

Currently, I am working on a photo book with Stephen Harper (no not the former prime minister of Canada) Click here for his Tumblr. We did a 5-day road trip together back in August around the Selkirk International Loop. It's been a long process putting a book together, longer than I thought. He wanted to let our photos marinate for a while, so we didn't start looking at them until late fall. November through March has been us spending time putting spreads together, photos that look nice side by side. We've since narrowed down hundreds to about 60 pages of work that I'm quite happy with. I was unsure how it would go, as art is quite personal, and I was expecting us to have more disagreements. It's been quite pleasant, no real headaches! We're going to print ourselves, and might even hardcover bind it! Very excited for the end result.

Other notes. 
I'm putting a little book together of my trip to Japan, though probably just a few copies. It's been easier with Stephen to bounce ideas off and doing it solo has proven interesting. Some photos I get a little too attached to even though it might not be that strong. Not sure how it should look. Some photos are very graphic (shapes/colours, not pornographic), and others are more lifestyle/storytelling. It's not a mix I'm sure works too well together. 

Since returning from Japan I've been dealing with some health issues, mainly a bum knee which isn't getting any better and the doctor isn't sure what's going on either so that's reassuring! Hopefully resolved by summer, because I definitely need to be hiking!


More updates soon, or maybe I'll forget about this. I do want to get better at writing so this would be a good project to put effort into as well, even if no one out there is reading.